SPC Software prices

Our SPC software prices for a LIMS for every requirement:


[FP]-LIMS Light

For small teams with only one connected measuring device



Without service contract


[FP]-LIMS Standard

For teams with mulitple measurement devices



Without service contract


[FP]-LIMS Professional

For large teams with high demands and many devices



Without service contract

[FP]-LIMS modules

Enhance your [FP]-LIMS experience with additional modules:

Analysis management module fp-lims - spc software price

Analysis Management

The basic module of [FP]-LIMS makes quality control quick, easy and price-effective. Watch your data in real time and react fast to current developments and prevent material waste. The module helps you safe time and money.

Inspection order management module fp-lims

Inspection Order Management

The Inspection Order Management module of [FP]-LIMS helps you organize complex individual tests. Assign tasks and check your progress. Particularly suitable for laboratories with a wide range of service and non-standardized sample structure.

Input dialogue module fp-lims

Input Dialogue

With the Input Dialogue you can enter your data fast and easy to your [FP]-LIMS even when your measuring devices do not allow you to transmit them automatically.

ICP module fp-lims

ICP Module

The [FP]-LIMS ICP module standardizes data to make information from any kind of device comparable and structured in a clear matrix. This simplifies the decision-making process significantly.

Recipe management fp-lims

Recipe Management

The [FP]-LIMS Recipe Management allows you to document your recipes in a simple and secure manner. Keep your most important asset safe with the user authorization function.


Module ERP

Connecting [FP]-LIMS with an ERP system? Possible with our ERP module. Our ERP interface is SAP-certified and thanks to [FP]-LIMS flexibility interfaces to other ERP systems are also possible.

Browser interface laboratory software fp-lims

Browser Interface

With the [FP]-LIMS Browser Interface you do not have to deal with user rights to allow your team to see the newest developments, because the Browser Interface does not offer any modification options and provides you with an adaptable dashboard for all important information for your operation area.

Workflow management laboratory software fp-lims

Workflow Management

The [FP]-LIMS Workflow Management helps you organize all workflows that are not directly related to the work in the laboratory. Manage processes, assign responsibilities and track work steps.

LIMS software resource management

Available soon:

Resource Management

Mange human and machine resources effectively and increase your productivity in doing so. Our soon available “Resource Management & Scheduling” module allows you to do just that.

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